The following 10 papers were published in 2005

Raman-Induced Polarization-Dependent Gain in Parametric Amplifiers Pumped With Orthogonally Polarized Lasers
Q. Lin, F. Yaman, and G. P. Agrawal
IEEE Photon. Technol. Lett. 18, 397-399 (2005).

Rate-equation approach for frequency-modulation mode locking using the moment method
N. Usechak and G. Agrawal
JOSA B 22, 2570-2580 (2005).

40-Gb/s optical switching and wavelength multicasting in a two-pump parametric device
Q. Lin, R. Jiang, C. F. Marki, C. J. McKinstrie, R. Jopson, J. Ford, G. P. Agrawal, and S. Radic
IEEE Photon. Technol. Lett. 17, 2376-2378 (2005).

Impact of Pump-Phase Modulation on Dual-Pump Fiber-Optic Parametric Amplifiers and Wavelength Converters
F. Yaman, Q. Lin, S. Radic, and G. P. Agrawal
IEEE Photon. Technol. Lett. 17, 2053-2055 (2005).

FM mode-locked fiber lasers operating in the autosoliton regime
N. G. Usechak, G. P. Agrawal, and J. D. Zuegel
IEEE J. Quantum Electron. 41, 753-761 (2005).

Fiber-optic parametric amplifiers
F. Yaman, Q. Lin, and G. P. Agrawal
Guided Wave Optical Components and Devices (book chapter) , B. P. Pal Ed. (Academic Press, San Diego, CA) (2005).

Broadly tunable femtosecond parametric oscillator using a photonic crystal fiber
Yujun Deng, Qiang Lin, Fei Lu, Govind P. Agrawal, and Wayne H. Knox
Opt. Lett. 30, 1234-1236 (2005).

Pump-noise transfer in dual-pump fiber-optic parametric amplifiers: walk-off effects
F. Yaman, Q. Lin, Govind P. Agrawal, and S. Radic
Opt. Lett. 30, 1048-1050 (2005).

Intrapulse depolarization in optical fibers: a classical analog of spin decoherence
Q. Lin and Govind P. Agrawal
Opt. Lett. 30, 821-823 (2005).

Semi-analytic technique for analyzing mode-locked lasers
N. G. Usechak and G. P. Agrawal
Opt. Express 13, 2075-2081 (2005).