Friends Corner


Prof. Govind Agrawal and Swati Bhargava, MS candidate meet in Goergen Hall January 14, 2015. // photo by J. Adam Fenster / University of Rochester
Agrawal visiting the laboratory of Prof. Deepa Venkitesh (next to Agrawal on right)) at IIT Madras, India. Several of Deepa’s PhD students and Amira Ahsan (Agrawal’s PhD student) can also be seen.


Aku Antikainen’s thesis-defense poster. His committee members can also be seen here.
Agrawal with Donna Strickland during the Frontiers in Optics Conference in Washington, DC
Few Professors with Endowed Chairs: G. Agrawal, J. Zavislan, J. Eberly, J. Fienup, X. Zhang, and N. Bigelow

Two Books

First Editions of Agrawal’s two books published in 1989 (right) and 1991 (left)


Gina Kern’s retirement party.: X. Zhang, G. Wicks, D. Moore, G. Kern, S. Carney, W. Knox, and W. Heinzelman
ANTIKAINEN-Aku poster for his PhD Defense on 11-28-2018
IIT Madras, OSA Chapter Talk, January 2018
IIT Madras, Discussion with graduate students, January 2018
IIT Madras, OSA Chapter Talk, January 2018
IIT Madras, OSA Chapter Talk, January 2018


Agrawal’s group lunch at Tandoor Restaurant on honor of Simran Singh (postdoc), July 2017


Agrawal giving his invited talk at ICTCN, Budapest, Hungary, July, 2015
International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks, Budapest, Hungary, July, 2015. Armando Pinto on the right was a visiting professor in Agrawal’s group at two occasions.
Light in Science Summer School, Tequisquiapan, Mexico, August 19, 2015
Agrawal receiving the OSA Beller Medal, during CLEO, San Jose, May 2015


Agrawal Meeting with his former PhD students, Zhi Liao, Joan Law, Lisa Liou, and Andrew Ryan, San Francisco, Feb. 2014


Agrawal receiving University’ Riker Award, Eastman Theater, Rochester, May 2013


Agrawal with Emil Wolf (center), Joseph Eberly (behind Wolf), Carlos Stroud (right) and others


Visiting South China Normal University, Gunagzhou, China, December 1999
Visiting South China Normal University, Gunagzhou, China, December 1999
Reception at the City Hall while several of us from the Institute visited University of Rennes, France in June 1999. Our host was Albert Le FLoch (third from left). Agrawal is next to him, followed with Turan Erdogan, Bob Boyd, and Susan Houde-Walter.


With Boris Malomed in Jerusalem, June 1996
International Workshop on Superfluidity and Nonlinear Optics, Haifa, Israel, June 1996. Boris Malomed and Akira Hasegawa (in beige jacket) are on Govind Agrawal’s left and right side, respectivly.


With Yuri Kivshar in Canberra, Australia (Parliament in background)
Picnic with Neil Akhmediev and others while vising Australian National University in Canberra, Australia
Group photo at Gordon Conference on Nonlinear Optics. There are too many in this photo to name here. How many people can you recognize?


1994 in Amsterdam
Visiting Daan Lenstra (center) in Amsterdam; His student on right, Guido van Tartwijk, joined my group as a postdoc. George Gray (his right) was also a postdoc in my group.


1993 with Emile Wolf
Girish Agarwal and Govind Agrawal (yes, we are different) at Emil Wolf’s house at a dinner party
Emil Wolf’s house at a dinner party: Anne , Marlies (Wolf’s wife) , Girsih’s wife, and Bob Boyd