LBS shot kickoff

Yesterday we kicked off XPIV platform development on OMEGA-EP with Laboratory for Basic Science (LBS) experiments headed by Arianna Gleason (SLAC) and Danae Polsin (LLE). It was a long day with exciting and puzzling twists and turns. We learned a lot, and are looking forward to our LBS shots in the next fiscal year! Big thanks to the grad students who turned out to help and to LLE shot ops for a successful day. Supported by DOE and NNSA.

students summer

comings and goings

Summer brings changes. Congratulations to Deok-Hoon, Jack, and Leo on graduating from our Mechanical Engineering program! Deok-Hoon and Leo will be joining PhD programs at UC-Santa Barbara and University of Virginia in the fall, respectively. We’ll be seeing them at future APS DFD meetings, most likely! Jack is joining the workforce at L3 Harris Technologies.

We’re sad to see them leave the nest, but a hearty welcome to Nitish and Brennen, who successfully completed their first year of graduate school, and sweated through first-year exams. Now they get to dive deep into research… the fun part!