Nitish wins a Horton Fellowship

nitish acharyaThe Frank J. Horton Graduate Research Fellowships are awarded to U of R students whose research supports the program at the Laboratory for Laser Energetics (LLE). Nitish has been working with Hussein and myself on a number of high energy density flow problems, and is PI on a pilot experimental campaign on OMEGA-EP to measure viscosity in fused silica. He also recently published a paper on shock-particle interactions on a stiff-gas method to approximate solid-like resistance of compressible particles, since material strength models are difficult to implement in rad-hydro codes. Well-deserved for Nitish. Congrats!

LBS shot kickoff

Yesterday we kicked off XPIV platform development on OMEGA-EP with Laboratory for Basic Science (LBS) experiments headed by Arianna Gleason (SLAC) and Danae Polsin (LLE). It was a long day with exciting and puzzling twists and turns. We learned a lot, and are looking forward to our LBS shots in the next fiscal year! Big thanks to the grad students who turned out to help and to LLE shot ops for a successful day. Supported by DOE and NNSA.

new grant (DOE)

We will be receiving a grant from the Department of Energy’s Office of Fusion Energy Sciences to use coherent light sources to probe the dynamic properties of fluids, along with co-PIs Hussein Aluie, Riccardo Betti, and Ryan Rygg. We will be looking for a PhD student to work on this project. If you are interested in using massive lasers to study fundamental physics — who isn’t? — keep an eye for an official posting with desired qualifications.