Principal Investigator


Jessica K. Shang

Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering; Scientist, Laboratory for Laser Energetics (CV)


Labstagram: @urhydrolab

Jessica Shang is an Associate Professor in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Rochester. She did a postdoc with the Stanford Cardiovascular Institute and the Department of Pediatrics at Stanford, advised by Alison Marsden. She received a PhD in Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering from Princeton in 2015, co-advised by Lex Smits and Howard Stone, an MPhil in Engineering at Cambridge advised by Holger Babinsky, and a BA in Engineering Sciences from Harvard. She enjoys interesting fundamental fluids problems and is always in awe of the role of fluid dynamics in the natural world. When not at research, Jessica is spending time with her kids, cooking, reading, and occasionally crafting.




Brennen Carr

Brennen completed his PhD in Mechanical Engineering and MBA at the University of Rochester. His research is in computational biomechanics of the glymphatic system of the brain. Brennen comes from Union College in Schenectady, NY, in Mechanical Engineering, and hails from Nashville, TN.


Graduate Students


Nitish Acharya

Nitish is pursuing a PhD in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Rochester. His research interests are in high-energy density hydrodynamics, and is co-advised by Hussein Aluie. He is working on experiments and simulations on shock-particle interactions and perturbed shocks, using the FLASH and LILAC codes. He is also a Frank J. Horton Graduate Research Fellow at the Laboratory for Laser Energetics. He previously earned a BE in Mechanical Engineering from Tribhuvan University in Nepal.



Afreen Syeda (GS)Afreen Syeda

Afreen is a PhD student, co-advised by Hussein Aluie. Her expertise is in particle tracking with x-ray radiography in shock-driven flows, and viscometry using shocked particles. Afreen completed a BTech in Aeronautical Engineering at Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad (JNTU-H), and followed by an MTech at IIT-Kampur in Aerospace Engineering. Afreen won an outstanding poster award at the 2023 and 2024 Stewardship Sciences Academic Programs Symposium hosted by the NNSA.


Kelin Kurzer-Ogul (GS)Kelin Kurzer-Ogul

Kelin began as a MS student in our department, and then matriculated into the PhD program, co-advised by Hussein Aluie. He majored in Physics at UC Santa Cruz. Kelin’s research is currently on shock-particle interactions and void collapse simulations using xRAGE, working closely with scientists at SLAC and Los Alamos National Laboratory.


Hao Yin (GS)Hao Yin

Hao was one of our own MechE undergrads here at U of R, and is now in our PhD program. He is co-advised with Hussein Aluie. His research interests are in high-energy-density hydrodynamics, instabilities, and turbulence. He is involved in our new campaign to measure diffusivity of dynamically compressed materials using spectroscopy, in collaboration with Gianluca Gregori’s group at Oxford.




cady bruneczCady Brunecz

Cady is a junior in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Philosophy. Cady is from Buffalo, NY, and has been interning at Moog Inc. to help electrify construction equipment. In our lab, she is responsible for building the whisker sensor experimental platform.


anjeli estradaAnjeli Estrada

Anjeli is a junior in Mechanical Engineering, minoring in Computer Science. She is from Ecuador, and went to high school in Malaysia. She is working on particle tracking in radiography images. She is also involved in Baja SAE as the frame lead, and Engineers Without Borders.


Alejandro Porras DiazAlejandro Porras Díaz

Alejandro is a junior majoring in Mechanical Engineering and minoring in Computer Science. He was born in El Salvador and attended the French school there. Alejandro is currently working on shock wave simulations and tracking using the FLASH code and python respectively. He is also the current Chief Engineer for Solar Splash and plays varsity squash for UR.




Umar Mutwafy ’22 (MechE) — Applied Materials

Yixin (Charles) Pan ’22 (MechE) — ASML

Savannah Schisler ’22 (MechE) — Boston University PhD program in Mechanical Engineering

Caroline Cardinale ’21 (MechE) — Caltech PhD program in Mechanical Engineering

Delin (Stevie) Zeng ’21 (MechE) — Columbia MS program in Mechanical Engineering — Columbia PhD program in Biomedical Engineering

Kai Kindred ’20 (MechE) — Danbury Mission Technologies, Saltire Scholar (University of Glasgow)

Leo Liu ’19 (MechE) — Univ of Virginia PhD program, Mech & Aerospace Engineering (Link Ocean Fellowship)

John (Jack) Billings ’19 (MechE) — L3 Harris Technologies — now at Ball Aerospace (Denver)

Deok-Hoon Jeong ’19 (MechE) — UC-Santa Barbara PhD program

Amro Bayoumy ’20 (MechE, Xerox Fellow) — EIT Masters in Autonomous Systems (Aalto Univ, Finland; TU Berlin, Germany)

Will Gorman *18 (Physics & Astro) — FAAC Inc.

Dr. Jeong-Hyun Kim — Hibbitt Postdoctoral Fellow at Brown University >> Assistant Professor at Seoultech

Diwas Gautam ’20 (MechE)

Khusbu Modi ’19 (MechE)

Hunter Dell ’18 (MechE)

Chris Koo ’19 (Mechanical Engineering)