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Caroline’s NREIP internship

Caroline secured an internship with the Naval Research Enterprise Internship Program (NREIP), a summer internship program that places college students in research positions at Navy labs. Caroline decided to choose a position at NSWC-Indian Head. While she has been working in the Hydro Lab on making small amphibious devices work in both static and dynamic environments, for her summer internship, she will try her hand at computation related to detonation physics.

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Amro and Deok-Hoon going to NCUR19

Amro and Deok-Hoon have been working on fabricating a small-scale, collapsible wind turbine, with the aim to optimize an array of them using machine learning. They took the initiative to write an abstract for NCUR2019 (National Conference on Undergraduate Research), which was accepted for a poster presentation (yay!) , so they will be heading to Kennesaw State in April. Sounds warm compared to Rochester!