Lab members graduating!

Graduate students Bridget Shovestul and Abhishek Saxena attended commencement! Congratulations on all your amazing accomplishments in the past six years! We will miss you dearly!

Abhishek Saxena successfully defends his dissertation!

SCP Lab’s Clinical Psychology Phd student, Abhishek Saxena, successfully defended his dissertation yesterday! Abhi’s thesis is titled “Mechanisms Underlying Socioenvironmental Risk Factors for Psychotic-Like Experiences Among Diverse Youth and Young Adults” and examines the relationship between psychosis-risk and social, cultural, and physical environments, or socioenvironmental factors, among diverse youth and young adults. Congratulations Dr. Saxena!

Emily Przysinda successfully defends her dissertation!

SCP Lab’s MD/Neuroscience Phd student, Emily Przysinda, successfully defended her dissertation yesterday! Emily’s thesis is titled “Social processing and underlying language deficits in schizophrenia during naturalistic video viewing” and examines the neural basis for social deficits and potential underlying language processing deficits in schizophrenia spectrum disorders. Congratulations Emily!

Lab members Brian Taliano and Catherine Lee present research at UR Schwartz Discover Scholars Showcase!

SCP Lab’s undergraduate RAs, Brian Taliano and Catherine Lee, each presented a first-authored poster at the UR Schwartz Discover Scholars Showcase! Brian’s project examined the association between paranoia and social functioning, and Catherine’s project examined the relationship between negative symptoms and role functioning. Way to go Brian and Catherine!

Lab members present research at SRP 2023!

Graduate students Abhishek Saxena, Bridget Shovestul, Emily Przysinda, Lisa Lin and Beth Kruse, and Lab Manager Jojo Dong got the opportunity to present on their research at this year’s Society for Research in Psychopathology Conference in St. Louis. They are pictured here at the poster session. Congrats everyone!

New Graduate Student Katie Gibbs Joins the Lab!

We are excited to welcome our new Clinical Psychology PhD student Katie Gibbs! Katie completed her undergraduate degree at University of Pittsburgh and is joining us from Vanderbilt University Medical Center, where she worked as a full-time research assistant. Welcome!

Paper Published in NeuroImage!

SCP lab’s very own graduate students Abhishek Saxena and Bridget Shovestul, full-time staff Emily Dudek and Stephanie Reda, and principal investigator Dr. David Dodell-Feder, alongside collaborators Arun Venkataraman and Dr. Steve Lamberti at URMC, evaluate whether real-time fMRI neurofeedback from the temporo-parietal junction leads to volitional control of the neural network subserving theory of mind… Continue reading Paper Published in NeuroImage!