Our Research

The social world is infinitely complex. How do we navigate this complexity, connect with others, and form meaningful relationships? Why and how do these processes go awry in psychopathology?

Our research in the Social Cognition & Psychopathology (SCP) Lab focuses on the basic science of how we process social information, make meaningful social connections, and how these processes vary across the full spectrum of health and psychiatric illness with a particular focus on schizophrenia-spectrum disorders. We use a multi-method approach that includes neuroimaging (functional magnetic resonance imaging) and experience-sampling.

Other areas of research in the SCP Lab include: interventions for impaired social cognition, the assessment of mental state understanding, and the impact of the social environment and different experiences (e.g., fiction reading) on mental state understanding and social disconnection.

Latest Lab News

28th January 2019

New publication in Schizophrenia Research!

New study evaluating the network structure of schizotypal personality traits, co-authored by Abhi, to appear in Schizophrenia Research.


12th December 2018

Abhi and Bridget get matching mugs!

Bridget and Abhi, our graduate students here in SCP Lab, have had a very successful first semester in the Clinical Psychology PhD program here at the University of Rochester. They have formed the ultimate clinical program duo! See below for their matching mugs and beaming smiles!








12th December 2018

New lab publication in Psychological Medicine!

A new paper by Dr. David Dodell-Feder and collaborators Drs. Kerry Ressler and Laura Germine entitled “Social cognition or social class and culture? On the interpretation of differences in social cognitive performance”, has been accepted for publication in Psychological Medicine.


22nd October 2018

Our lab director David is featured in a UR Newscenter letter!

The UR Newscenter has published a piece on the research Dr. David Dodell-Feder is conducting in SCP Lab – See the article here!






19th October 2018

More Research Success!

Congratulations to lab member Tori Popov, who presented her poster titled “Psychosis-Proneness and Social Networks” at the Undergraduate and Master’s Research and Visitation day event at the Saunders Research Building!









22nd September 2018

SRP Success!

Three of our lab members, Abhishek Saxena, Bridget Shovestul, and Jessica Woodyatt  presented their research at the Society for Research in Psychopathology conference 20th-23rd September this year!


June 18th 2018

Press release for our new paper in Clinical Psychological Science! 

McLean hospital has issued a press release for a new paper in Clinical Psychology Science, with one of our contributors – Laura Germine, who describes the epidemiological dimensions of social anhedonia. You can find the paper here!


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SCP Lab is part of the Department of Clinical & Social Sciences in Psychology at the University of Rochester. We are located in Meliora Hall room 232. You can find us here and email us here.