May /11/2023 – Disc Golf at Ellison

Natalia, Joseph, Melanie Xue, Jim, Antony Georgiadis, Sparrow, and Nico
[Photo by Sparrow’s Dad]

February /14/2023 – Disc Golf at Shadow Pines

Sparrow, Antony Georgiadis, Jim and Joseph
It can be nice in Rochester in the dead of winter (see Feb/23/2017)

June /11/2021 – Disc Golf at Parma

Joseph, Jim, Sparrow and Heri.

Sept/02/2019 – Labor Day Barbecue

Labor Day Barbecue Group
Left-to-right: Jaime Cardenas, Matt, Maria Schnitzler, Jim, Patty, Joseph, and Janet Hrdina

Feb/21/2019Rock Climbing at Rock Ventures

Left to right: Jim, Joseph, Scott, Jess, Hannah, Aaron, Patty, Kelsey, and Scott

Apr/25/2017 – The James Webb Space Telescope

Completely assembled at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center and was to be shipped the following week to Johnson Space Center in Houston for further testing. This is a “selfie” from an observation deck just a few yards from it. (You can only see 12 of the 18 gold-plated hexagonal mirror segments here since the other 6 are in the folded-back position, like it will be when they put it into a rocket to launch it in October 2018). It’s huge!

Feb/23/2017 – Disc Golf at Basil Marella Park

It can be nice in Rochester in the dead of winter
Jim, Scott, Aaron, and Matt

Jan/03/2013 – Bristol Mountain

Alex & Maria, Zack & Lindsay, Jim, and Matt

Sept/30/2012 – At the induction into the National Academy of Engineering

Aaron & Abbie (Tippie) Watnik, Tom Zielinski, Patty, Jim, and Matt Bolcar

Oct/9/2012 – Cryo-vac chamber at Johnson Space Center (JSC) James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) where NASA will test the assembled James Webb Space Telescope (JWST)

Oct/9/2012NASA’s JWST Product Integrity Team (PIT) at the JSC test chamber

Mar/15/2012 – Disc Golf at MCC

Jim, Matt, Zack, Alden, Abbie, and Alex

Note: the dates above and below are NOT a typo — skiiing one day, disc golf in 70° weather six days later

Mar/9/2012 – Skiing at Bristol Mountain

Jim, Abbie, Zack, and Matt

May/10/2011 – Disc Golf

Prof. Hidekazu Mimura (Visiting Scientist — Professor at U. Tokyo), Jim, Zack, Abhishek and Dustin – (photo by Tom Zielinski)
Hidekazu, Tom, Zack, Abhishek and Dustin


So how does one move a 2,000-lb, 12-ft x 4-ft x 18-in thick optical table
from the 5th floor of one building into the 4th floor of another?
very carefully

Mar/23/2007 – Rock Climbing

Dec/15/2006 – Disc Golf

Manuel, Tom, Nathan, and Jim catch some sunny March weather in Rochester.

Mar/2/2006 – At Ball Aerospace

Jim and Matt Bolcar join Ball Aerospace and NASA researchers, posing in front of the test bed for wavefront sensing and control for the future James Webb Space Telescope. Jim is standing in the center, with the jaunty clean-room cap. Where’s Matt? (answer below)
(Photo courtesy of NASA)

Feb/16/2006 – Rock Climbing at Rock Ventures

Back (left to right): Emily, Dan, Tom, Matt, Julianna, Greg, Nate, Kathleen;
Front: Young-Sang, Seul-Byul, Seung-Whan, Jim

Aug/2005 JWST

Group visiting a full-scale model of the James Webb Space Telescope
in Rochester, NY,. Left to right: Sapna, Greg, Tom, Nathan, Matt, Brad (honorary group member), Brijesh, Jim & Sam

Sept/2005 – Where’s Waldo ? Can you find Matt Bolcar in the picture below?

NASA JWST workers, Goddard Space Flight Center

Apr/2005 – Disc Golf 2

Disc golf outing in April 2005 (80 degrees F, sun shining in Rochester in April!).
L/R: Sapna Shroff, Greg Brady, Jim Fienup, Matt Bolcar, Tom Zielinski, Nathan Clark

June/2004 – Disc Golf 1

L/R: Jim Fienup, Matt Bolcar, Nathan Clark, Abbie Tippie, Andrew Berger
(Photo by Nathan Clark)

(Anwer to first “Where’s Matt?”: front row, third from right)
(Answer to second “Where’s Matt?”: middle right area)

Rock Climbing

Disc Golf

Lab Renovation

FYI: this is not the monolith from the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey. OR IS IT? Compare with the Original (click on the thumbnail in the right column, second from top).

6th Annual CfAO Summer School


Fienup (2005)

Fun in the optics lab

Joseph Tang, Jim Fienup, and Scott Paine looking at a JWST laboratory simulation.