Current Members

Michael Welte, Ph.D. – Principal Investigator



Fun Fact: Michael currently owns 55 fly-themed t shirts and wears one almost everyday.



Marcus Kilwein, Ph.D. – Graduate Student

“I am looking into how mutant embryos compensate when lipid droplets are distributed abnormally.”

Fun Fact: Marcus is married to another PhD candidate in his cohort, Kim Dao.




Pakinee Phromsiri – Graduate Student

“I want to know how development is affected when histone variant H2Av is improperly regulated.”

Fun Fact: Pakinee’s hobbies include baking treats for the lab and making our lovely fly t-shirts.




Roger White – Graduate Student

“I am studying the mechanism of fatty acid uptake and the regulation of fatty acid trafficking.”

Fun Fact: Roger has both played and coached American football.




Alicia Shipley – Graduate Student

“I am working to elucidate the dynamics of histone variant H2Av exchange on lipid droplets.”

Fun Fact: Alicia is the lab’s provider of daily Dad Jokes.




Brian Jencik – Laboratory Technician


Fun Fact: Brian has 18 siblings.





James Tang- Laboratory Technician 

“I am looking at how heat shock factors is required for endoreplication and ecdysone signaling.”


Fun Fact: James loves doing 1000+ piece Jigsaw puzzles.



Caleb Borick- Undergraduate Researcher 


Fun Fact: Caleb schedules his sleep in 90-minute increments to avoid waking up during deep sleep periods.




Somes Jacobson- Undergraduate Researcher 

“I am studying the developmental effects of heat shock factors on Drosophila wing discs.”

Fun Fact: Somes grew up on an urban farm.




Brendan Mahaney- Undergraduate Researcher 



Fun Fact: Brendan has broken his wrist three times in the same spot.



Justin Anderson- Undergraduate Researcher







Rohan Nanduri- Undergraduate Researcher







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