The group focuses on experimental and theoretical nonlinear optics.  Research includes ultrafast nonlinear dynamics, bio-photonics, nano-photonics, and  optomechanical interactions for microwave- photonics, novel sensors, and the quantum control and manipulation of information.

Recent News:

  • Chirped pulses recently discovered in normal dispersion fiber Kerr resonators –  this research is published in Optica and a news article can be found here.
  • Gabriel Medina, Stella Kombo, and Ganesh Petterson join for summer 2021. Welcome!
  • The femtosecond team discovers an exciting new soliton which supports the shortest pulses to date from fiber Kerr resonators – now published in Physical Review Letters.  News article found here
  • The Group wins the 2020 NSF CAREER award for research in optomechanics
  • The Group awarded a 2020 Nih R01 grant for developing advanced femtosecond sources for deep brain imaging.
  • See our upcoming talks at SPIE Photonics, and the JSAP autumn meeting in 2021.
  • Paper on Bulk Crystalline Optomechanics published in Nature Physics and featured in news and views

Interested PhD candidates are encouraged to apply to the Institute of Optics.  Current Rochester PhD  candidates are encouraged to email to discuss research opportunities.

Several Master’s thesis and undergraduate research projects are also available for admitted students.

The group is currently recruiting exceptionally qualified postdocs.