Welcome to the group website!

The group focuses on experiments and theory at the forefront of nonlinear optics.  Research includes ultrafast nonlinear dynamics for bio- and nano-photonics and  optomechanical interactions for the quantum control and manipulation of information.   Please see the research section for more information.


Recent News:


  • 2 new students join: Sarat Tirumala and Garrett Beals.  Welcome!
  • 2 new students join: Gebri Mishtaku and Adrian Cort.  Welcome!
  • 2 new students join: Qian Yang and Christopher Spiess.  Welcome!
  • New paper on Bulk Crystalline Optomechanics published in Nature Physics and featured in news and views!


The group is currently recruiting both students and post-doctoral scholars.  Please email with your interest.