Electron Neutrinos at ICARUS

The ICARUS experiment, currently in commissioning, has observed electron neutrino candidates from the NuMI beamline. Graduate student Ryan Howell found this candidate event while scanning data. A projection roughly transverse to the beam at top right (“H view”) shows an electron shower to the left recoiling against a track which is likely a proton or charged pion. The two tracks overlap in the perpendicular view at the bottom right (“U view”).

The NuMI beam at ICARUS has a large fraction of electron neutrinos because it views the beam at an angle. Electron neutrino searches in the “on axis” booster neutrino beam are a key element of ICARUS’s physics program.

Dr. Jeffrey Kleykamp

Congratulations to Dr. Jeffrey Kleykamp, who successfully defended his thesis “A-scaling of CCQE-like cross sections at MINERvA” on June 8th. Dr. Kleykamp has started a postdoc at the University of Mississippi, where he will be working on NOvA and DUNE.

Dr. Tejin Cai

Dr. Tejin Cai successfully defended his thesis which provides the first precise measurement of the nucleon axial form factor without nuclear effects from his measurement of anti neutrino scattering on hydrogen. Tejin will begin a postdoctoral fellowship at York University in Toronto this summer.