Fostering Care and Connection

Research in our lab is focused on the study of relationships and well-being. We examine how the different ways in which people care and connect with each other impacts personal and relationship well-being.


We study the careful balance of care needed to foster satisfying relationships, while also sustaining one's own well-being.


We study how the emotions we express and perceive in others affects our ability to build deeper social connections.


We study how emotions and motivations uniquely shape personal well-being, partner well-being, and overall relationship quality.

Recent News

Claire Shimshock awarded the Barnard Fellowship

Claire has been selected for the Arts, Sciences, and Engineering Donald M. and Janet C. Barnard Fellowship. She was selected for her strong research record as well as her clear commitment to mentoring, outreach, and service to the department and the broader field. Congrats, Claire!

Princeton Chee awarded the Herbert L. Zimmer Award

Princeton received this top honor among the University of Rochester psychology graduate class of 2022. Princeton received this award for outstanding performance in research and for showing great promise for a career in psychology. Congratulations, Princeton!

Claire Shimshock was awarded the APS Student Research Grant and the Psi Chi Graduate Grant

Claire was awarded two graduate student research grants from APS and Psi Chi to test a new theoretical model of relational hope and well-being. Double congratulations, Claire!

Princeton Chee receives Deans' Award

Princeton received the Deans' Award for being selected as a student speaker at UR's interdisciplinary research expo. Princeton presented on the topic of reducing loneliness through prosociality. Congratulations, Princeton!

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