CHE 231: Chemical Reactor Design
‚ÄčThis course combines the concepts of mass balances, reaction rates, stoichiometry, and chemical equilibrium to introduce the fundamentals of chemical reactor design. Isothermal, uncatalyzed homogeneous reactions are considered initially, but more complex reactions, including heterogeneous, catalyzed reactions and biological systems are also considered. Approaches to kinetic data acquisition and analysis techniques are presented, and then combined with knowledge of reaction mechanisms or the pseudo-state hypothesis to develop nonelementary rate laws. The course ends with nonisothermal reactor design.



CHE 476: Polymer Chemistry
An introduction to polymerization reaction mechanisms. The kinetics of commercially relevant polymerizations are emphasized along with a discussion of important, contemporary polymerization schemes. Approaches to functionalize polymers and surface-initiated polymerizations will also be covered. An overview of polymer characterization techniques, emphasizing compositional analysis, will be presented. The course is intended for graduate students in Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Materials Science, and Biomedical Engineering, but advanced undergraduates are welcomed.