About Us

Welcome to the Signal, Data, and Imaging Sciences (SDIS) Laboratory of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Rochester.

We are interested in research, education, and engineering applications of signal, data, and imaging sciences. Our research is focused around the general theme of developing statistically-based methods for robust and efficient information extraction from observed uncertain, limited data. Our current research spans a wide variety of topics including (1) computational sensing and imaging with applications to radar and biomedical imaging; (2) probabilistic methods and machine learning for image and video analysis with applications to biomedical image analysis, microscopic neuroimaging, and computer vision; (3) signal processing and machine learning for brain-computer/machine interfaces (BCIs/BMIs), with applications for alternative communication and rehabilitation for patients and monitoring of cognitive states.

Our laboratory provides an extremely interactive research environment for faculty, post-doctoral researchers, as well as graduate and undergraduate students. Our laboratory holds strong collaborations with a number of groups around the world.

Please explore our site for recent news, publications, as well as opportunities in our laboratory and please contact us if you need any further information.