Welcome to Dias Group, University of Rochester

Our research interests focus on designing new quantum materials with exotic and unprecedent properties for potential application for quantum information science. The properties of quantum materials are anomalously sensitive to external stimuli. At high-pressures, the orbital wavefunction overlaps between neighboring sites in a crystal, then increases, in turn increasing the ratio of kinetic (inter-site charge hopping) to potential (on-site Coulomb repulsion) energy, providing a wealth of correlated electron phenomena, e.g., insulator-metal transitions, superconductivity, superfludity, electrides, topological order, colossal magnetoresistance, valence fluctuations, and quantum magnetic order. The occurrence of such a wide range of correlated electron phenomena arises from a delicate interplay between competing interactions that can be manipulated by tuning the energy density of matter, offering a raft of rich and unexplored phase space for the study of quantum phases of matter. These conditions create a new quantum frontier—warm quantum materials, one that can transfer (harness) quantum properties to (at) high temperatures.



Our work has also been reported in popular press, e.g. New York Times, BBC, NBC, NPR, Physics Today, New Scientist, Chemistry World, Science News, Nature news and views, APS physics central.


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