Andrew J. Elliot

Dr. Andrew J. Elliot, Ph. D., is Professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Rochester. He has held year-long Visiting Professor positions at the University of Munich (2003-2004), the University of Cambridge (Churchill College, 2008-2009), the University of Oxford (Jesus College, 2013-2014), Columbia University (Teachers College) and New York University (2022-2023). He conducts research on approach and avoidance motivation, especially achievement motivation, and has published over 300 scholarly papers. He has given keynote or university addresses in 23 different countries, and his lab regularly hosts professors, post-docs, and graduate students from around the globe. He has won numerous research and teaching awards, and has been named a Fellow in 5 different professional organizations. He has been Associate Editor at numerous journals (e.g., Journal of Personality, Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, Psychological Science), and is currently Editor of Advance in Motivation Science. Dr. Elliot has served as President of the Society for the Science of Motivation. He has served or is serving on several not-for-profit boards, including the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra, Calvin University, and Verbree International. He started and oversees a school library building program for H.O.P.E., a NGO in rural Haiti. He and his wife Juli (a classically trained singer) live in Rochester, NY; they have three adult children and three grandsons.

Ethan Wasche
Graduate Student

Ethan Wasche is a graduate student at the University of Rochester. His current research is focused on expanding the achievement goal framework into unexplored domains. He has given two poster presentations: Wasche, E. & Haggard, M. (2022). Susceptibility to the Dunning-Kruger Effect: Measuring Correlates of a Self-Serving Bias. Poster presented at SPSP 2022, San Francisco, CA. and Wasche, E., Henderson, E., & Sargent, J. (2021). Neural Response to Symmetry Does Not Track Memory Advantage. Poster presented at the 62nd Psychonomic Society Annual Meeting. He pursued his undergraduate studies at Francis Marion University in Florence, SC. Outside of academia, he enjoys exploring flea markets, garage sales, and estate sales to look at old-timey trinkets that reflect lifestyles from past decades.

David Weissman
Graduate Student

David is a graduate student at the University of Rochester. He is interested in examining the inferences that people make about others’ goals and motivations within social and achievement environments. His work focuses on competition, achievement motivation, income inequality, and research methodology. David is especially passionate about teaching statistical methods, including R, Bayesian data analysis, and simulation-based research design. Outside of the lab, he enjoys baking, biking, and brewing coffee/tea. 

Visitors to the Lab (and Current Academic Position)

2024-2025: Dr. Omer Antalyal — Professor, Suleyman Demeirel University

2023: Tingting Zuo — Graduate Student, Nanjing Normal University

2022: Yuan Hu — Graduate Student, Utrecht University

2017-2018: Dr. Tengxiao Zhang — Professor, Nanjing University

2016-2017: Dr. Martin Daumiller — Professor, University of Augsburg

2016-2017: Dr. Gregory Arief Liem — Professor, National Institute of Education

2015-2016: Dr. Haomin Zhang — Professor, Shanghai University  

2015-2016: Dr. Nicolas Sommet — Professor, University of Lausanne

2015: Dr. Chen Chen — Professor, Nanjing Normal University

2015: Dr. Michael Jury — Professor, Clermont Ferrand University

2014-2016: Dr. Malgorzata Goclowska — Professor, University of Bath

2014-2015: Dr. Jun Ma — Professor, Shanghai University

2013: Dr. Isabell Paulick — Research Associate, Christian-Albrechts University

2012-2013: Dr. Marieke Roskes — Professor, University of Amsterdam

2012: Dr. Daniela Oertig

2011-2012: Dr. Kira McCabe — Professor, Carleton University

2011-2012: Dr. Adam Augustine

2009-2010: Dr. Stephanie Lichtenfeld — Professor, University of Hamburg

2009: Dr. Julia Schuller — Professor, University of Konstanz

2007-2008: Dr. Kou Murayama — Professor, University of Tubingen

2007-2008: Dr. Daniela Niesta — Professor, University of Potsdam

2004-2005: Dr. Ayumi Tanaka — Professor, Doshisha University

2001-2002: Dr. Francois Cury — Professor, Aix-Marseille University