University of Rochester Multi-Modal Music Performance (URMP) Dataset

This project is supported by the National Science Foundation under grant No. 1741472, titled "BIGDATA: F: Audio-Visual Scene Understanding".
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Paper Describing URMP

Bochen Li *, Xinzhao Liu *, Karthik Dinesh, Zhiyao Duan, Gaurav Sharma, "Creating a multi-track classical music performance dataset for multi-modal music analysis: Challenges, insights, and applications", IEEE Transactions on Multimedia, 2018. (* equal contribution) <pdf>


We introduce a dataset for facilitating audio-visual analysis of musical performances. The dataset comprises a number of simple multi-instrument musical pieces assembled from coordinated but separately recorded performances of individual tracks. For each piece, we provide the musical score in MIDI format, the high-quality individual instrument audio recordings and the videos of the assembled pieces. We anticipate that the dataset will be useful for multi-modal information retrieval techniques such as music source separation, transcription, performance analysis and also serve as ground-truth for evaluating performances.

Dataset Gallery

Creation Process

  1. Record conducting video
  2. Record each instrumental part individually following the conducting video
  3. Cross-player synchronization
  4. Annotate audio tracks, and mix
  5. Replace video backgroud, and assemble

Dataset Content

The dataset is organized as 44 folders for the 44 pieces. For each piece folder we have the following files:

The pitch/note annotations of all the tracks can be visualized here:

(Just for annotation quality check. No need to download.)

One example from all the 44 pieces in the dataset:

Video performance

Individual audio tracks with ground-truth pitch/note annotations

Download the data folder for this sample piece, including video, audio, annotations, musical scores

Download the dataset documentation file separately

Download the whole dataset package (12.5GB) (NOW AVAILABLE!)