Porosoff Research Group Lunch, 2020


Porosoff Research Group: Fall BBQ at Lake Ontario, 2018


Principal Investigator:

Marc D. Porosoff – Assistant Professor

Professor Marc Porosoff received his BS in 2009 and MS in 2010, both in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering from the Johns Hopkins University.  In 2015, he completed his PhD in Chemical Engineering at Columbia University, with a thesis on developing catalysts for carbon dioxide conversion.  Porosoff then worked as a National Research Council sponsored postdoctoral fellow at the Naval Research Laboratory on the ‘Seawater to Fuel’ project. At Rochester, Porosoff plans to investigate low-cost, alternative catalysts for CO2 hydrogenation and natural gas conversion into value-added chemicals and fuels. Dr. Porosoff’s CV can be found here.


Graduate Students

Mitchell Juneau – Ph.D (E-mail: mjuneau@ur.rochester.edu)

Mitchell Juneau received his B.S. in Chemical Engineering with Honors from the University of New Hampshire in 2017. In the fall of 2017, he joined the Chemical Engineering Department at the University of Rochester for his Ph.D. study. He is interested in heterogeneous catalysis and electrocatalysis for carbon recycling processes and other renewable energy related applications.

Renjie Liu – Ph.D (E-mail: rliu21@ur.rochester.edu)


Renjie Liu received his master’s degree from the University of Rochester in 2019 and is currently pursuing his Ph.D. His research focuses on dual-functional catalysts for CO2 and CO conversion to plastics, chemicals and fuels. Recently, Renjie is working on identifying and synthesizing nano-sized catalysts for Fischer-Tropsch. Renjie firmly believes that our research group can change the way that the world views CO2 emissions and make the world, like our university’s motto, “ever better”.

Jane N. Agwara – Ph.D (E-mail: jagwara@ur.rochester.edu)

Jane Ngozi Agwara received her B.Eng in Chemical Engineering with first-class honors from Ahmadu Bello University, Nigeria in 2016. From 2017 to 2018, she served as a Teaching Assistant in the Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering, Bayero University Kano, Nigeria for her one-year mandatory National Youth Service Corps (NYSC). She joined the University of Rochester in the fall of 2018 to pursue her Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering. Her research interest is in heterogeneous catalysis for CO2 hydrogenation into alternative and renewable fuels and chemicals.


Undergraduate Students

Connor Pope (E-mail: cpope5@ur.rochester.edu)

Connor Pope is a junior at the University of Rochester studying chemical engineering with plans to minor in environmental engineering. He is interested in sustainability and renewable energy processes as well as further exploring the potential uses of carbon dioxide. Aside from academics, Connor is part of the Men’s Club Ice Hockey Team and a member of the Toy Adaptation Program.

Ahmad EL Gazzar (Email: aelgazza@u.rochester.edu)
Ahmad is a senior at the University of Rochester majoring in Chemical Engineering and minoring in Materials Science. In the Porosoff Lab, Ahmad is exploring CO/CO2 sorbents for in-situ resources utilization. Outside of lab, Ahmad is part of the UR AIChE student chapter. He also serves as a Peer Advisor for the ChE department.
Danielle Getz (Email: dgetz4@u.rochester.edu)
Danielle Getz is a sophomore at the University of Rochester majoring in Chemical Engineering and potential minor in Environmental Humanities. She is interested in chemistry and sustainable solutions to global environmental problems. In the lab, she enjoys studying catalyst synthesis methods for carbon dioxide utilization reactions. Outside of academics, she works with the on campus sustainability team Eco-Reps to manage the on campus community garden and mentors first year students in chemistry and sustainability.”



Aime Laurent Twizerimana

Aime Laurent Twizerimana received his bachelors in Chemical engineering with a minor in Environmental Engineering at the university of Rochester in 2020. His interest is in alternative uses of carbon dioxide. In the Porosoff lab, he worked on high efficiency encapsulation of Fischer-Tropsch catalyst in Zeolites. He was a co-captain for the University of Rochester Chem-E-Car team. He is currently going to the University of Pittsburgh to pursue a PhD program in chemical and petroleum engineering. 

Eve Marealle

Eve Marealle was a junior at the University of Rochester majoring in chemical engineering when she worked in the Porosoff lab. She worked on the synthesis of Tungsten Carbide (WC) catalysts for CO2 conversion to olefins using the nano-bamboo technique. Her stay in the lab ended in the Fall of 2019.

Zhiqiang Ma

Dr. Ma obtained his PhD in Chemical Engineering from ETH Zurich (Switzerland) in 2013. After a short gap traveling around, he went back to ETH Zurich to pursue his postdoc training in 2015. In January 2018, he moved to University of Rochester to continue his academic career and finished his work in 2019. Dr. Ma’s research interests are heterogeneous catalysis, spectroscopy, and renewable energy. He is currently working at Johnson Matthey in Atlanta, Georgia.

Yikang Peng

Yikang Peng received his bachelor degree in chemical engineering from the University of Connecticut at Storrs, CT and received his M.S. from the University of Rochester in 2019. He is currently pursuing his Ph.D. at the University of Houston and his research interest is in surface analysis of catalysis in FT synthesis.

Akhilesh Malge

Akhilesh Malge received his M.S. from the University of Rochester in 2019. He is currently working at Instrumentation Laboratory.