Nichol Group at the APS March Meeting

Come see the Nichol Group at the APS meeting in Chicago!

B39.00002 Charge-noise spectroscopy of Si/SiGe quantum dots via dynamically-decoupled exchange oscillations
B39.00005 Multi-level, Multi-photon Landau-Zener-Stuckelberg Interferometry of Two-Electron States in Semiconductor Quantum Dots
D41.00007 High Impedance Niobium Geometric Inductors
F39.00004 Towards High-Impedance Surface Acoustic Wave Resonators for Quantum Information Processing
F39.00012 Coherent spin-valley oscillations in silicon
M39.00001 Quantum state transfer in quantum-dot spin chains
Z39.00002 Floquet-enhanced spin swaps

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