Ranga Dias

Making Metallic Hydrogen at Harvard

Diamond Anvil Cell (DAC) is capable of generating the pressure and temperature conditions of the Earth’s center

 Dias group (Photo credit: Adam Fenster)

The elusive solid metallic phase of hydrogen has been produced in the laboratory for the first time in history


Welcome to Dias Group, University of Rochester

Our research focuses on probing quantum phenomena under extreme pressures and temperatures. In particular, high Tc superconductivity, magnetism and superfluity in the vicinity of quantum phase transitions. Our research efforts aim for not only fundamental understanding but are also directed towards utilizing high pressure/temperature conditions to understand chemical processes, interactions, and to synthesize novel high energy density and advanced materials. Our work has also been reported in popular press, e.g. New York Times, BBC, NBC, NPR, Physics Today, New Scientist, Chemistry World, Science News, Nature news and views, APS physics central.

Latest News

Harvard scientists announce they’ve created metallic hydrogen, which has been just a theory

Nearly a century after it was theorized, Harvard scientists report they have succeeded in creating the rarest material on the planet, which could eventually develop into one of its most valuable. Thomas D. Cabot Professor of the Natural Sciences Isaac Silvera and postdoctoral fellow Ranga Dias have long sought the…